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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] Earlier this month, Anta released semi-annual report this year on revenue of 4.1 billion up by 22%, net profit of 800 million, an increase of 28%. downturn environment, Anta is the industry's first brand to positive revenues, "he returned to the growth track up" and the net profit reached a record high points. Prior to the first half of 2011 Anta peak, creating a 927 million net profit. Since 2012, the mainland dismal retail environment, the garment industry because of high inventories, closed shop tide and other factors has not bottomed out. Li Ning recently announced that due to the expansion of direct sales network, clearing channel inventory and other reasons, it is expected first half loss of 550 million yuan, the market surprise. while Shanghai and Hong Kong will be opened on the occasion pass, with ANTA Shizhong, Chairman talk. Anta recovery is representative of the industry, or a case? do "brand wholesale" led to industry-wide dilemma reporter: in 2012 the whole industry in trouble, Anta is how to come out of ? Shizhong: 2012, when the entire industry is in crisis, Anta also not spared, I was inside a lengthy self-examination, that the problem lies in two places: one, into the homogenization of competition; Second, the business model is not changed. the first time, the domestic sports business model is actually a "brand wholesale", after the corporate branding to sell to dealers to get away, do not worry about ongoing operations, this roug Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale h business model is the one with more than a dozen year. In order to solve these two problems Anta, I propose, Anta "brand wholesale" from the "retail brand" strategic transformation. Reporter: specifically how to do ? Shizhong: Specific transformation includes flattening the organizational structure, sales performance and grasp the retailer's in-store inventory levels; the use of ERP systems collect data for retailers ordering guidance; retail discount policy is more strong, strengthen dealer competition and profitability; strengthen elasticity of supply chain management, optimizing flexibility and efficiency of the replenishment, product differentiation and to meet seasonal demand for the main product. For example, in the past, ANTA products R & D expenses in cost of sales accounted for only 1.5 percent a few, but the first half of this year reached 4.4 per cent a few, nearly 100 million yuan. Our gross profit margin increased, a large part of this year's contribution from new products. Reporter: high inventory is the focus of this round of industry plight outside criticism. Shizhong: Transition benefits are obvious, although there are still 791 million yuan Anta inventory, but sales ratio (the ratio of inventories to sales, inventory levels to detect whether a reasonable indicator) began to decline. Currently, Anta's sales ratio of 4: 1, in a healthy state. It should be said, is not conducive to sales of inventory is too low, healthy inventory levels can ensure that the needs of sales, while avoiding heavily d air jordan 11 space jam for sale iscounted status. Reporter: From the semi-annual report, the total number of ANTA brand shops as 7701, reducing 56 more than last year, but its children and Fila brand but had increased the number of stores. Shizhong: Anta transformation strategy, adjust the number of stores, store structure optimization and upgrading, improve operational efficiency it is also the key. Anta past two years total off store over 1000, but actually increased the size of retail, so it seems, shops store efficiency, floor effect has been greatly improved. of Anta, the past but also the pursuit of quantity, now in pursuit of quality. Effective shop is the most important, ineffective shop unimportant. Generally speaking, as long as the loss of shops accounted for less than 20%, it is good, Anta in the lower level of the digital control. CBA signed abandon the Chinese gymnastics team are driven by market behavior Reporter: strong resources to seek sponsorship rights, build brand image is an important strategic sporting goods business. in earnings this year will be two days ago, suddenly announced Anta fully cooperate with the Chinese gymnastics management center. The news surprising, as the gold medal favorites, national gymnastics team sponsorship rights for a piece of "fat" Li Ning has been occupied, cooperation between the two has been for 23 years. Ding Shizhong: In fact, by the end of 2013, the national gymnastics team and Li Ning, the company's cooperation agreement expires, the national gymnastics management center began to tend jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black er. We have a priority right to renew the Li Ning, and not gymnastics center and negotiated a new period of cooperation, which gives the opportunity to Anta negotiations. Reporter: Anta compete with international brands, there are many Anta winner, so the market is full of "Li Ning, Anta enter restricted area" and so on interpretation. Shizhong: Sponsored not that complicated, just kind of market behavior is now strategic objectives match. The Gymnastics Center is sponsoring market behavior, no other factor. Two years ago, Anta give up and cooperate seven years China Basketball Association (CBA) contract as well. Anta CBA was the main reason to give up sponsorship is, CBA bidding price is too high, so that the input-output ratio is too low Anta. Reporter: Chinese gymnastics team signed, the capital market is very concerned about the size of shareholder return that investment. Shizhong: This is a long-term sponsor, the impact on performance will not behave so fast, but gymnastics is one of China's best sports project resources, I believe will have a positive impact on the brand, will enhance the brand's long-term income. According to ANTA strategic considerations, as long as possible to take the title in the Olympic team, they are targets. Especially the gold medal team. "Anta core strategy is very clear, that is focused on Chinese sports. We want consumers to think of the Chinese sports, we can think of Anta." Anta to do mass market, learn to be finished Nike Reporter: downturn in the larger environment, Ant jordans on sale online a was the first in the industry to achieve revenues of positive brand, Anta recovery is representative of the industry, or a case ? Shizhong: Anta recovery, does not represent the entire industry recovery. Not all companies can come out from the bottom, in the short term, domestic brands are still facing serious homogeneity, intense competition problems. But we also see that with the urbanization continue to increase the proportion of urban population, will help drive the sport needs, plus the public revenue increased urbanization, good sporting goods industry future prospects. sporting goods market has been growing on the sporting goods business, the key is to identify the location, in a nutshell is to withstand the temptation to blindly follow the trend. The diverse domestic consumers, as long as identify their location, must have living space. Reporter: Many people Anta, Li Ning and Nike, Adidas and other international brands than Nike hopes to make another. Shizhong: I want to ask you a question, why China all walks of life to a certain extent have suffered serious homogenization that there is no reason to find the gap?. If you do Anta also learn the international brand OEM OEM, that Anta is finished, it is survival of international brands. My idea is very simple, international brands to the international brand market, domestic brands to domestic brands in the market, which a business can not take-all. The Anta target market is the mass market, mass consumer pursuit is cost-effective, and half Chinese peopl buy cheap jordans online e can not afford our products, you say that there is much room? US population of 300 million, the average person has 4.5 pairs of sports shoes, but in China, this figure is only 0.5 pairs of sports shoes most popular in Guangdong, only 1.2 pairs. He said: "China has 1.3 billion people, 13 people if there is a person to buy Anta shoes, Anta able to sell at least 100 million pairs, but now that goal is still some distance away . Reporter: Investors Looking to next year's performance at Anta it. Shizhong: Anta second half of the gross margin, net profit will remain flat with the first half performance would surely be a better year next year, which I have confidence. I once asked one of our major shareholder, how to judge which stocks to buy? He said a lot of models, but not mentioned priorities. Buy a company's stock, the first to buy a business, buy a performance second, third, to buy the business model, and the fourth to buy the team. Anta these four aspects are good. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.)Errolson Hugh is about to join forces with NikeLab ACG to officially launch three new Zoom Tallac Flyknit outdoor boots in December 1st. Design from this was born in 2008 from the Zoom Tallac Lite Nike Flyknit inspiration, proud proud knitting technology into one, and reshape the shoe body structure is changed to show the boots shoes, equipped with Zoom Air finally visible type air cushion unit and outdoor wear sole Retro jordans for sale , in order to ensure the functional and to ensure comfortable foot feeling. NikeLab-ACG-Zoom-Tallac-Flyknit-Release-Date-6.jpg (154.21 KB, download times: 0) download attachment NikeLab ACG Zoom Tallac Flyknit officially released 2016-11-24 upload at 10:53 NikeLab-ACG-Zoom-Tallac-Flyknit-Release-Date-7.jpg (249.93 KB, download times: 0) download attachment NikeLab ACG Zoom Tallac Flyknit officially released 2016-11-24 upload at 10:53 NikeLab-ACG-Zoom-Tallac-Flyknit-Release-Date-8.jpg (168.24 KB, download times: 0) download attachment NikeLab ACG Zoom Tallac Flyknit officially released 2016-11-24 upload at 10:53 NikeLab-ACG-Zoom-Tallac-Flyknit-Release-Date.jpg (72.65 KB, download times: 0) download attachment NikeLab ACG Zoom Tallac Flyknit officially released 2016-11-24 upload at 10:53 NikeLab-ACG-Zoom-Tallac-Flyknit-Release-Date-1.jpg (263.41 KB, download times: 0) Recently, the three pair of Adidas Originals Superstar network. They are composed of Nigo, Pharrell Williams and Kate Moss, the British supermodel design, Nigo version with zebra and snake stitching shoe body, head of the shell logo was a large area of serpentine decorative cover, extremely wild. Pharrell Williams version of the black and white tone, vamp by Primeknit woven shoe making. Kate Moss although only exposure followed by the picture, but the white black darkening after deployment and concise fonts, or people full of hope. It is reported that the three special edition of the Adidas Originals double Superstar may be made for the jordan 3 katrina 2018 next year to celebrate the 45 birthday of the Adidas Originals Superstar joint special edition. 360 -20264046.jpg (69.86 KB, download number: 24) download adidas Originals Super Star 45th Anniversary Special Edition 2014-12-12 13:37 upload 360 -20283421.jpg (51.81 KB, download number: 24) download adidas Originals Super Star 45th Anniversary Special Edition 2014-12-12 13:37 upload 1418356649085_720x450.jpg (92.91 KB, download number: 24) download adidas Originals Super Star 45th Anniversary Special Edition 2014-12-12 13:37 Adidas Super upload, 00 2007, "Chinese women's shoes", China Russia footwear trade fair held, more than 10 Chengdu shoe enterprises to receive orders, the transaction amount of about 3000000 U. S. dollars. consumer purchasing power is rising, changes in the market, it is not the demand always occur, therefore, there is always the market vacancy area, there has not been the place to meet, in this context, the new strategy of creative rapid growth of an enterprise (seize thinking vacancy) is in this area was born, the local enterprises need to enlarge. not because of habit bound, thinking you have to seize the vacant space, it can enlarge the future, so from a marketing perspective, thinking to seize the vacancy is the sustainable development of enterprises vitality, it will enlarge the radius of your market, win more far-reaching and more lasting business opportunities. seize the vacancy in the concept of thinking, competing to seize, is a leading business sense cheap air jordans , otherwise you will lose the opportunity to enter the market vacancy! Missing is a kind of business circle and the dialectics, with the "missing" to expand the "market radius circle", between thinking and thinking is often the only perfect vacancy "," this is a wrong thought in passing "a wrong thought in passing", 42 pounds, way out of the decision, let not find enterprise development "high speed road" the manager to grasp the market blank region strategic direction of rapid growth -- promising. then, vacancies in the market area, who call the shots? according to data analysis, China has now gradually establish the concept of "breakfast", more and more urban workers of both health and nutritious breakfast are in great demand. And truly meet this condition for breakfast outlets, there is also a lot of vacancies in a few years ago. Thus, the breakfast market has great potential. Therefore, a few years ago began "into" the China KFC breakfast market, this is a McDonald's KFC in early to seize the vacant market important strategy. here again from two cases to analyze the shoes: in the shoe industry, there are kinds of casual shoes, injection granny old uncle very love to wear, has led a Chinese casual shoes production base (Ruian Xincheng town) industrial development, famous, is said to have started in 1992, the leisure shoes not only to retain the traditional leather shoes, noble elegant and advantages, making it more portable, wear-resistant, soft, good for both young and old. Casual shoes come o cheap foamposites ut, fill a blank of domestic demand, rapidly by the majority of consumer recognition and favor, a time of product demand. Until now, the product vitality still optimistic. now, a group of companies, the introduction of international new technology, science and technology play cards, leather shoes and foreign R & D cooperation movement)multiple exposure on the network, the shoe body by black, red, blue, yellow and other colors of the Primeknit woven adidas UltraBOOST 3 "Multicolor" color after earlier released official pictures has been highly anticipated, but the specific release date only about the fall, now finally have a more clear it is reported that the release date, the shoes will hit shelves in July 1st of this year, priced at $$200, of course, of course, the sale of intelligence in Asia is slightly different, interested friends please continue to pay attention to! APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! Italy sports brand Diadora recently for its popular shoe type N9000 launched a very eye-catching new color. It's like wearing the northern lights on your feet. The vamp adopts a special Holographic treatment style, with black mesh material, bring comfortable and breathable wearing experience. As the light changes, the upper color will slightly change, there is a colorful feeling. Diadora N9000 Hologram is now on the shelves designated provid jordans on sale mens ers, such as Titolo. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!Not long ago we exposed by the Limited EDT New and Singapore well-known shop in Balance's popular 577 launched by the new shoes for today on the network once again released a new high-definition picture. This shoe body with blue color, with orange red dotted and the ankle is integrated into the 3M reflective elements to enhance the degree of suction eye, finally with the exclusive ENCAP shock absorption. In order to highlight the two guarantees of quality, specially selected by the production of high-end New Balance series of famous British flimby processing factories, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. new-balance-limited-edt-M577LEV-1.jpg (57.72 KB, download number: 0) download Limited EDT x New Balance M577LEV 2014-9-24 22:43 Limited EDT New Balance upload, M577LEV, 00The charge of the Miami famous brother-in-law Joe closer shoe Solefly recently built a new color of the double Nike Sonic Flight, a large area of mint green black leather uppers collocation decoration and the paw, dynamic fly line and other details, the overall color is very fresh. This Nike Sonic Flight is priced at $140, love friends may wish to look at. 1408433274334_720x450.jpg (60.09 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Sonic Flight mint green black 2014-8-19 16:04 Nike Nike Sonic Flight upload, 002016 Sneakerness Cologne Carnival sneakers foot wonderful November 2, 2016 /0 review: special information through: SneakerDaily / shoesonce a year in Europe before the grand annual event Snkakerness shoes, the back from Paris station to station in Cologne, shoe fans still not high interest, enthusiastic participation of the whole, is the so-called "experts see road, laymen watch", the scene have lots of wonderful foot wear shoes, compared to the other show uniform Air shoes, Jordan? Here in style is more diverse, and even the whole in Germany Bach SPEEDFACTORY studio to watch the whole aines Adidas and Air Futurecraft MFG, Jordan 1, Air "Banned" Jordan 1 "Top Three" color of the production process, it is a big eye opener! Let us together through the lens of the photographers' foot toe ornamental European scenery! anyShare share: Tags: Sneakerness, shoes foot copy of.Jpg 445730 SneakerDaily SneakerDaily2016-11-02 12:12:192016-11-02 12:12:192016 Sneakerness Cologne Carnival wonderful special shoes foot you may love 2016 Copenhagen fashion week off shoes on feet featured this week featured 1.21 foot ball shoes NBA shoes show | finals Game5 shoes on one foot at the battle to grab seven. Real NBA finals Game7 shoes on the foot of Westbrook attended YEEZY Season 4 Jordan Westbrook 0.2 Icon color black foot shoes on foot / Justin, Kanye Sean, Scott, Big, Travis, Michael 2 Chainz Jordan fashion foot .2017 spring / summer Paris Fashion Week street shoes special shoes NBA regular season 2.220 reply comment battlefield where you can speak freely ~ comment cancel reply search popular information ADBeijing time on May 19th news, Houston, a local Chinese Chinese school, set up 10th anniversary celebration became a disaster relief for the masses in Sichuan, china. There was a basketball and a pair of sneakers at the disaster relief meeting. Basketball is the Rockets team player signed this year's ball, the shoes are the Chinese school director personally went to Yao Mingjia to get. Because the entire relief will appear on the items of Yao Ming Beijing on May 19th news, a local Chinese School Chinese Houston set up 10th anniversary of the China celebration into Sichuan disaster relief will of the masses. a basketball and a pair of sneakers appeared at the disaster relief meeting. Basketball is the Rockets team player signed this year's ball, the shoes are the Chinese school director personally went to Yao Mingjia to get. As a result of the entire relief at the meeting Yao Ming's goods, the scene of people have donated money to express love. The Rockets signed basketball, starting from the beginning of the 500 dollars, the final price is $2100, Yao Ming's boots eventually sold for $4000. : at this auction, all items related to Yao Ming eventually auction to $more than 7000, the donation of $more than 7000 will be donated to the Sichuan disaster areas. (Editor: admin).Earlier OVO and Jordan Brand to make Air Jordan 10 quietly in the case landed in Losangeles Pop-Up store, which makes a lot of fans and fans miss shoes are quite uncomfortable, and recently learned that this section will once again usher in replenishment. This section by the white leather shoes collocation pearl skin structure, the heel of Jumpman by the dazzling gold decoration, finally with transparent crystal outsole, and dotted with gold powder. item: 819955-100 release date: October 3rdPrice: drake-air-jordan-10-ovo-6.jpg (112.5 KB, download number: 9) download Drake x Air Jordan 10 Retro OVO 2015-9-10 19:02 upload drake-air-jordan-10-ovo-71.jpg (75.62 KB, download number: 14) download Drake x Air Jordan 10 Retro OVO 2015-9-10 19:02 upload drake-air-jordan-10-ovo-4.jpg (128.51 KB, download number: 15) download Drake x Air Jordan 10 Retro OVO 2015-9-10 19:02 upload drake-air-jordan-10-ovo-2.jpg (104.09 KB, download number: 7) download Drake x Air Jordan 10 Retro OVO 2015-9-10 19:01 upload drake-air-jordan-10-ovo-3.jpg (90.54 KB, download number: 9) download Drake x Air Jordan 10 Retro OVO 2015-9-10 19:02 upload drake-air-jordan-10-ovo-52and Street join the new series Etiquette series. From the Fairs Liberty jacket, sports shirt, T-Shirt, trousers and shorts and other items are included in the list. At the same time, including backpacks, hats and watches, including brisk accessories add delicate flavour, and from the traditional lace up shoes to equipped vibram soles Chelsea boots money is even more dazzling. source: HYPEBEBEAST

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